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At the forefront of disruption in the real estate industry, Cosgrove Investment Limited is shaping new lifestyles with a focus on the integration of revolutionary technology into residential and commercial real estate using sustainable methods. Cosgrove’s leadership team is composed of the industry’s highly experienced leaders with a passion for unswerving excellence. As we continue to grow our vision of becoming the leading real estate developer in Africa, the guarantee of integrity, professionalism and reliability remains equal to the best obtainable anywhere in the world.

Cosgrove is committed to the promise to deliver value for all stakeholders and a timely delivery of a seamless and straightforward experience for each Cosgrove customer. We believe this is essential to positioning the Cosgrove brand as a true leader and innovator in its market segment.

Leading the cart in sub-saharan Africa on a mission to put Nigeria on the global housing innovation map, Cosgrove is fusing Artificial Intelligence into the modern African theme and leading a new frontier of ease, luxury, sustainability, safety, and innovation. 

Established in 2017, Cosgrove consolidates experiences of highly successful professionals who have over a decade thrived in the financial sector, housing development and disruptive entrepreneurship. Our meteoric rise is anchored on the delivery of high-value infrastructure and satisfactory products and services with a track record of executing complex designs that require the deployment of world-class expertise.

We have leveraged strategic collaborations to build not only for individuals but for corporate organizations and have partnered with the government on major projects that stand out viz a viz global quality standards.

Our zero-defect approach underpins our continous growth and enables us to give substantive returns on investment (ROI) to our partners whilst powering a towering commitment to R&D to continually rethink the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM) making us the first indigenous developer that offers fiber to the home (FTTH) as standard in all our estates. This enables residents to leverage the internet of things (IoT) and to also have a superlative home experience. 

Our Plan

Being a pioneer is a great gift and must be reciprocated with an undying desire for continuous evolving. Among the many values esteemed at Cosgrove, we have a constant consciousness of our carbon footprints and have a solid plan to be certified as the first green estate in sub saharan Africa. We are working with global energy experts to build the largest solar farm in Nigeria’s capital to generate up to 2.5 kva/ha of electricity to serve thousands of our homes and other target buildings.


Every Cosgrove design is created with the user at its core thereby enabling us to adapt our home automation to emerging trends that wow the customer across different demographics as they daily unfold the vast possibilities within the walls of the homes. The beauty of automation beyond the luxury and fascination that it provides is that it creates a level-playing field for everyone to have a normalized experience, eg, the voice interaction between the home and residents living with physical disabilities or visual impairments are top priority considerations that derive our motivation to continually improve these possibilities within the next half-decade. 


Our R&D team is also looking deeply into other areas within our segment market for best strategies to approach the hospitality business in Nigeria. Having raised the bar in the real estate sector in only less than half a decade, we are expanding the horizon of our style, taste and customer base to not only create a new standard for best practice but to raise the bar of excellence to enable us compete globally as a nation. There are a few other areas of possible investments within the stipulated exploratory time frame; including commercial business properties, STEM-specialised tertiary institutions which will birth a project that sits at the heart of our CSR, free learning centres across the 6 geo political zones of the country with internationally standardized curriculum for practical learning.